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Discover exactly how people feel after experiencing hypnotherapy sessions with me. Here you can read messages I have received from previous clients. Hypnotherapy can make a huge impact on your life.

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“Rachel was really welcoming. Each session was calming and my thoughts on food and actions have definitely changed since the first meeting. I will recommend it to my friends.”


I have and will continue to recommend Rachel to as many people as possible. She truly is amazing.


“At ease, friendly relaxed and positive. I can do this and I believe I can.”


“I can truly say the session I had with Rachel’s therapy was a great help for me to quit smoking after 40 years. I found Rachel to be very professional yet very friendly. By not smoking I’ve started to feel fitter. I have also given myself a £75 per week pay rise which in my book says it all. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough and I have already recommended it.”


“Thank you, Rachel for helping me finally quit smoking. It’s been the first time quitting where I haven’t felt like I want another fag. I hate the smell of them now and would never want to go back to them. I would recommend you to anyone – thank you.”


“If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares and makes you feel relaxed then I would give Rachel a call to make changes happen that you may not expect. I am flying to Japan next month now because of Rachel.”


“Thank you Rachel, for taking me through the experience of hypnotherapy in a gentle, calm, kind way. I am free of anxiety because of you. I cannot thank you enough.”


“Thanks, Rachel for all your help with my eating patterns. I can’t believe that I have been able to change the way I eat so dramatically. I’m finding already after 2 sessions that I feel fuller quicker. I am looking forward to my future without dieting. 6 pounds down in 2 weeks without dieting. Thanks.”


“I was a little skeptical as to how the relaxation techniques would work for me; but now I can’t describe how beneficial they were then and have been since. By week two I didn’t want the session to end and by week four I’d got more out of the treatment than I ever thought possible.
Would I recommend this treatment? Yes, yes, yes!”

“After the first relaxation class I was able to sleep much more deeply and without waking up as often as I used to which was often 5-10 times a night.
I will never forget this I feel calm, and so relaxed. I used to feel anxious all the time, that has completely gone.”


“I must admit that when it comes to practices such as hypnotherapy I have always been a bit of a cynic. I’ve only ever seen it used to make people do silly things on stage and to trick people out of their hard earned money. I had reached a point in my life where I had tried several conventional weight loss methods all of which had the desired effects but only for a short time. I became fed up of wearing myself out at the gym and counting calories so when I saw the leaflet I thought I might as well give it a go – I’ve tried everything else! I went along with an open mind and a hint of desperation (I just wanted to be smaller). Sam and Rachel were very welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away.

Attending the sessions was great as it is almost like receiving counselling; being given the chance to talk openly about my eating and lifestyle habits. The hypnotherapy itself was very relaxing and the guidance and handouts given by Sam and Rachel have been very useful. I have learned to listen to my body and eat only when my body needs it & not as a reaction to emotions or just because it’s there!

The guilt and physical discomfort I used to feel after eating too much is gone because I no longer gorge on massive portions of food. My weight has reduced steadily since my treatment and quite honestly I don’t feel like I have made much of an effort to achieve my desired goal. I now make better food choices and listen to what my body wants and the best thing for me is that I can still enjoy food but all the horrible stuff that came with my past eating habits has gone away. Now friends and family comment on how I have lost weight and that my clothes are too big for me – all I can say is – I look forward to my next clothes shopping trip and thank you Sam and Rachel!”


“I want to say that I have tried to give up smoking countless times in the 30 years that I have been smoking and I never even imagined that giving up a habit that I’ve had for as long as I can remember would happen so easily and without any stress.

I feel like a massive weight has lifted off my shoulders, and I can enjoy my life. I feel like a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker!”

Toni Miller

“As soon as I stopped focusing on losing weight I lost the weight much easier than I have ever before. Now that I feel much happier with myself and much calmer I don’t seem to comfort eat anymore or binge. I now truly feel at peace with myself, thank you Rachel for going through this with me.”


“After being a smoker for 21 years, I had literally had enough of everything it represented – the possible health implications, the aging of the skin, staining of the teeth and not forgetting the expense! So I decided it was time to do something about it. After trying with will power alone in the past and failing I decided I would go for hypnotherapy.

From my first consultation with Rachel to the final session I felt excited and optimistic. In my consultation the date was set for the 8th Sept 2010, when Rachel was explaining what I was to expect I couldn’t wait and from then on it got better and better. It has now been 4 months since I have had a cigarette – not only have I not had a cigarette, I have not wanted a cigarette for quite some time and love being a non-smoker, I feel such a great sense of freedom.

I can’t thank you enough Rachel, you made what I thought was going to be such a daunting thing to do, immensely easy – it still amazes me how you did it and I find it hard to believe I was ever a smoker!”

Thank you & Lots of love from Tara (used to be a smoker) ha ha!

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