Hypnotherapy and metaphor

Hypnotherapy and metaphor

What is Metaphor?


Metaphor is the language of the subconscious, its abstract form can be demonstrated in the form of stories, art, photography, poetry music, sculpture and story telling.

It provides us with a direct link to the subconscious which is the creative part of our minds which is responsible for our emotions, our behavior and our bodies/soul.

Hypnotherapists use metaphor as a way to create subtle suggestion through the use of story telling.

Stories offer the mind  a way to  project personal feelings or thoughts onto the themes or characters within the story.

This can provide a way for the subconscious to be guided towards new directions and experience insight and inspiration.

When using Metaphor effectively we can experience profound resolve to deep rooted issues, we can experience great insight , and change.

A typical hypnotherapy session involves the use of guided visualisations and stories which lead the mind towards the direction of optimum well-being.

Written by Rachel Burke BA Hons Dip HYp GQHP GHR

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