Hypno Birthing a New Legacy!

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Hypno Birthing a New Legacy!

Birthing The learnt legacy

Birth stories are passed down through the generations as part of a the horror stories that are often explained by our Aunts, Grand parents or Elder women within our communities.

These often graphic and horrific tales of hours of pain and torture experienced in labour offer us very little hope of experiencing the possible beauty or potential pleasure of giving birth naturally and even safely.

We brace ourselves and cringe at the thought of the nightmare that one day we will have to experience if we ever want to bring children into the world.

Why is birth painful?

This is however a very common myth learnt very early on in life that Birth is painful.

Have you ever asked yourself why mothers of very young children get together for coffee mornings to sit and discuss how long and how painful their deliveries were?

How many stitches they had, or how many days their labour went on for. All the time their young children are listening and taking in this belief subconsciously from their Mothers, learning that Birth is an awful, painful experience.

What is fed into the subconscious mind of those children will be expected and believed by them.

We know that so much of a child’s learning process comes from their parent’s beliefs.

During spring time farms often put on events to encourage children to witness a lamb being born, as it is such a calming , and surreal moment to see. So why is the human birth experience so different to this?

perhaps this is because sheep have no preconceived ideas about giving birth, they do no create stories about how awful their experiences may have been, therefore able to maintain nature at its best.

How many times have you cut your finger and not even noticed?

As soon as you became aware of your finger bleeding it started to hurt… Right? Instantly creating the preconceived notion that it should hurt.

Grantly Dick-Read  A British Obstetrician

“It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t meant to was it Doctor?”

These are the exact words that first began the research into why humans feel unnecessary pain during labour.

Grantly Dick- Read a British Obstetrician working in the early 1900s was asked the above question by a women he was tending to during labour. This lead him into researching and eventually naming the phenomenon Fear Tension Pain Syndrome.

Fight or Flight Response


Described by Walter Cannon an American Psychologist in 1929

His theory states that animals react to threats with a general discharge of the sympathetic nervous system, priming the animal for fighting or fleeing.

Humans react in the same way, even when we perceive danger, threat or harm to us in any physical or psychological way.

Perceiving Birth as painful or dangerous

If we hold the perception that birth is dangerous the body will automatically go into the fight or flight response.

Adrenaline will be produced. oxygenated blood will be redirected from the Uterus at which point Ateries form the Uterus will constrict.

The birthing muscles will become deprived, oxygen to the baby will be limited, the birthing muscles constrict as circular muscles at the next of the uterus constrict and tighten. The babies head becomes forced against taught muscle.

Pain is therefore experienced through all of this and labour is prolonged, the opening of the cervix is impeded and Medical intervention will need to be introduced. Which often increases fear which increases the fight or flight response and the cycle begins again.

Animals In Labour

Animals use this system correctly in nature as they use this process for their survival.

If they sense a threat or danger during their labour they will stop their labour and move to a safe place where they will then start their labour back up again and give birth safely.

Fear Verses Endorphins

A women giving birth in hospital or at home has no evolutionary use for this process.

Eradicate the fear and the Adrenaline, in favour of Endorphins natures antidote to stress and the bodies natural feel good hormones. This can create an entirely new birth experience much more in line with nature.

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