Choosing a Hypnotherapist

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Choosing a Hypnotherapist

This can be “Life Changing work”
Choosing a Therapist who is going to help you undergo major personal change and help you through a difficult period in your life can be extremely challenging.
Searching through lots of websites and listings, looking at profiles and photographs of faces, can be confusing, especially if this is something you have never done before.

You can start by checking that a Hypnotherapist is fully qualified to a Diploma level

Governing body/ Professional membership
You can also check the therapist is a member of a professional governing body such as the GHR
The General Hypnotherapy Register. This is one of many professional national governing bodies and standards councils for Hypnotherapists.

Contacting The Therapist
Your next step is to call or email the therapist and have a discussion about the way they can help you.
The role of a good therapist is to be able to make you feel at ease very quickly. To be able to offer support on the relevant issues, or to be able to pass you on to other relevant agencies if they cannot provide help with your enquiry.

This post was created in response to the many clients I have worked with who went through this initial process of discovering the right therapist for them.
Their experiences led me to writing a simple guideline for anyone embarking on the task of finding the right Hypnotherapist for them.
In my experience clients mention the “feeling” or the “sense” they get when speaking over the phone or viewing a professional profile.
This can be very valuable as “chemistry” can be very useful in the therapeutic process.
I hope this is useful.

  • Leon Samuel

    Hi there.. looked through your website which was very helpful to me.. just got a few questions.. my problem is over sweating on my head and face area.. I’m going to be 37, it’s a problem I’ve had for a while and has always got me down.. its not a nice feeling to be the only person in the room sweating. Is this something you could help me with? Have you had any previous clients with the same issues? And if you could help how long would it be before I see results? Thanks for reading this hope to hear from you soon..

    March 17, 2017 at 12:29 pm
  • Hello there, thank you for a very nice and information article. I used to think a lot about how to contact a therapist. Need to get rid of a habit as soon as possible.

    May 2, 2018 at 7:19 am

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