Top Tips for a Calm Birth

Top tips that will re centre you during labour In preparation for the arrival of your baby, whether it’s your first baby or your third, here are some tips for you to remember to help you to remain calm and focused throughout your labour.   Breathing Rhythmic breathing before...

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Hypnobirthing classes Nottingham

Hypno Birthing a New Legacy!

Birthing The learnt legacy Birth stories are passed down through the generations as part of a the horror stories that are often explained by our Aunts, Grand parents or Elder women within our communities. These often graphic and horrific tales of hours of pain and torture experienced...

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Positive thinking

 Do we create our own reality? Do we attract into our life everything that we believe think and feel? Yes..No one else does. We create our own reality even if we don't understand that we do so. We often create our own reality by default.  When we are...

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Hypnotherapy & hypnosis explained

Choosing a Hypnotherapist

This can be "Life Changing work" Choosing a Therapist who is going to help you undergo major personal change and help you through a difficult period in your life can be extremely challenging. Searching through lots of websites and listings, looking at profiles and photographs of faces,...

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Why diets don’t work

This is the time of year that's well known for making lists for change and new years resolutions. We see a huge increase in people wanting to begin diets/ break old habits and make changes in their lives. This is a huge time of year for...

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Hypnotherapy and metaphor

What is Metaphor?   Metaphor is the language of the subconscious, its abstract form can be demonstrated in the form of stories, art, photography, poetry music, sculpture and story telling. It provides us with a direct link to the subconscious which is the creative part of our minds...

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