Hypno birthing 1-1 sessions

Hypnobirthing 1-1 sessions in Nottingham

Hypnobirthing bespoke private sessions provide expectant mums and their birthing partners with a complete birth education program, giving you important psychological, physical knowledge and mindfulness techniques to promote a calm, focused and positive mindset. This is known to greatly increase your chances of having a natural delivery.

Reducing and releasing your fears allows you to tap into your natural reserves, and resources giving your body a greater chance to do what it does on it’s own. Hypnobirthing can be particularly important for anyone who has had a previous birth trauma or if you have fears or anxieties about delivering your baby.

I teach specific relaxation techniques and powerful visualisation techniques for mothers and birthing partners allowing them to feel empowered and relaxed during delivery and the weeks prior to labour. This course is designed to begin at around 25 weeks of your pregnancy and can begin earlier if you prefer.

Benefits of attending hypnobirthing bespoke 1-1 sessions

The main benefits to hypnobirthing are:

  • Expectant Mums and Dads feel empowered with this tailor made service
  • Flexible sessions fit around busy schedules
  • Powerful mindfulness techniques that actually assist in delivery and labour
  • A complete birth education program
  • Reduces your chances of having medical intervention
  • Allows you to stay calm and focused throughout labour and delivery
  • Babies born calmly often have higher Agpar scores, more relaxed bond and sleep better
  • Mothers can recover from birthing faster
Hypnobirthing classes Nottingham

What to expect from our sessions

My unique hypnobirthing sessions are delivered over three, 2 hour sessions that can be scheduled 2-3 weeks apart, to allow time to practice and to use the techniques trained in the initial course. All courses are delivered as bespoke and on a  1-1 basis as this allows me to tailor the workshop and visualisation techniques to suit and perfectly fit your circumstances.

Every person responds to hypnobirthing techniques in a different way, and each person will have a different level of experience. This the main reason why I have adapted this process to suit each couple individually. Offering a much deeper support and right through your pregnancy.

This hypnobirthing package also includes 2 scheduled telephone appointments that are fitted in at points in between classes. Telephone sessions will provide you with further support and guidance throughout your developing birth preparation practice.

Hypnobirthing is a technique that is compatible with most birth preparation classes and will complement your standard hospital classes including visits to the delivery suite offered by your midwife.

Session 1

  • The fundamentals of hypnobirthing
  • Understanding fear, tension & pain
  • ‘Flight or fight’ response and it’s effects
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Breathing techniques tailored to suit your ability
  • Optimal birthing positions
  • Birthing muscles

Sessions 2-3

  • Creating your birthing plan
  • Releasing fears and limiting beliefs
  • Preparation for labour and delivery
  • Feeding choices
  • Personal relaxation techniques
  • Hand acupressure and massage techniques
  • Stages of labour and what to do if labour slows or stops
  • Much more

You will also receive a workshop booklet covering the complete course content and added guided visualisation scripts to use at home as important practice and preparation.

telephone consultation support is available through this course as part of the support offered.

A free relaxation recording for continued listening  is also offered as part of this package.

What to expect from hypnotherapy

Perhaps a common misunderstanding or preconception about hypnobirthing, or hypnotherapy in general, is the idea that you will be put into a trance or into a hypnotic state while in labour.

Hypnobirthing classes simply teach you and your birthing partner how to relax your mind and stay calm during labour so that you can have an active calm and confident birth experience.

Many couples find hypnobirthing gives them the confidence to stay relaxed at home for longer and go into hospital when they are ready feeling calm and confident, delivering their babies with minimal medical intervention. They stay calm and focused using the techniques.

Hypnobirthing classes in Nottingham

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If you have any questions about hypnobirthing or would like to book your classes, call me directly on 07833 102300 or send me a message below:

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Hypnobirthing FAQs

When should I start classes?

Hypnobirthing sessions start ideally at 30 weeks. This means the learning can remain fresh in their mind right up to delivery. However we can begin at any time depending on your circumstances.

Who is this treatment most suitable for?

Hypnobirthing is ideal for any pregnant mum who:

  • Wants to learn how to remain calm and relaxed during labour
  • Has had a previous traumatic experience and would like to remain more in control of your emotions
  • Is feeling scared and anxious about giving birth and worries about medical intervention
  • Has a desire to have a natural delivery and would like to learn useful techniques to assist your labour and delivery

Are there any risks?

No risks are associated with becoming more relaxed, more confident and self-aware. There are only benefits associated with hypnobirthing. Mothers are encouraged to listen to their bodies and to collaborate with the medical profession. If medical intervention is advised at any stage couples are recommended to use and to trust the medical team at all times.

Hypnobirthing has not been designed as an alternative to medical intervention, it is a successful complementary approach that will work with the medical team.

Who can I bring with me?

This course is designed for expectant mums and their main birthing partner.

Can I come alone?

Yes, I can tailor your classes to suit your individual circumstances and needs.

When & where are the classes held?

All sessions are held at the Bay Therapy Centre in West Bridgford, Nottingham. Or at the Magnolia therapy Centre, Carraington Nottingham. We use comfy chairs or we sit on the floor during relaxation exercises in a large comfortable space. The sessions are informal relaxed fun, and friendly environments.

As all classes are individual, I can book them in around your schedule. I offer appointments throughout the day, evenings between 6-8pm, and Saturday afternoons between 1-3pm.

How much do classes cost?

My hypnotherapy classes are private and for individual couples (not groups). My complete course includes two 2 hour sessions and a guide to keep using after classes have finishes.

The complete price is £300.

If you’d like to discuss hypnobirthing or book your classes please send me a message or call me on 07833 102 300.

Hypnotherapy for fertility

Hypnotherapy can greatly assist with fertility. Many ladies have come to me for hypnotherapy to ease stress and promote relaxation to help with conception. If you are struggling to conceive and have already confirmed with health professionals that this isn’t due to a physical or gynaecological problem, please speak to me about how I may be able to help. Hypnotherapy is an alternative, holistic therapy which promotes mindfulness and relaxation.

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